I have an experience voucher that takes place in Maui?

Updated 08/16/2023

We are so saddened to hear what is currently going on in Maui, and are sending all our thoughts and prayers to our partners out there and to everyone in Maui. It is truly devastating. 

We of course appreciate your concern surrounding your voucher! Please see below for what we are doing: 

  • If your booking was due to take place within one of the affected areas within Maui in the next 30 days, this has been cancelled and your voucher reinstated. You should have received an email from us about this already.

  • If your voucher has no booking attached to it, please remember our vouchers are super flexible:
    Your voucher does not expire and is fully exchangeable. Your voucher can be exchanged onto any other of our experiences, and we have thousands across so many States to be able to choose from. To browse the exchange options and to process an exchange please login in to your Account and you can do this against your voucher here - https://www.virginexperiencegifts.com/core/user/login#/login

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience with this, during these heart breaking fires. 


Sending our support and Aloha to Maui!

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